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Why Pennsylvania is Neither Blue Nor Red – It’s Pink | Voices of Reason Ep. 6



Why Pennsylvania is Neither Blue Nor Red – It’s Pink | Voices of Reason Ep. 6

Did you know that the majority of Pennsylvania voters are women?

This trend has stayed steady for years, reinforced by a surge in participation amongst women following the Dobbs decision in 2022.

Pennsylvania women are not just voting for our leaders – they are being elected as leaders at historic levels.

The latest installment of the Voices of Reason podcast centered around women in politics.


Broad + Liberty’s own Beth Ann Rosica hosted the podcast’s roundtable segment featuring four women who are making significant impacts as political leaders in their communities.

Participants shared their experiences running for local office and discussed the challenges of being a woman in politics.

“Because women are traditionally the caretakers of the family, the support that’s required to run for office and to be present in Harrisburg is not traditionally there,” said Tasliym Morales, School Board Member for the Chester Upland School District.

Morales continued, “… that creates a big difference in the amount of women who feel like they can run. Not because they don’t want to, but because they think ‘am I going to be able to do it and be successful?’”

“School advocacy was the platform that got me involved,” said Stacey Whomsley, School Director for the West Chester Area School District.


“And I was diminished – cast aside by members of my community both male and female because I ‘didn’t want to be bothered’ with my children at home – which couldn’t have been further from the truth,” Whomsley emphasized, noting that she got involved to advocate for her children in school.

“So I do think there is still some societal bias against why women do get involved when they do get involved,” Whomsley concluded.

Additional questions were posed to the participants – are women more likely to support female candidates over male candidates? What are the issues that Pennsylvania women care most about going into this next election?

For more of the roundtable discussion, and exclusive interviews with Treasurer of the Commonwealth Stacy Garrity and her Democratic challenger Erin McClelland, tune into the sixth installment of Voices of Reason, available now on YouTube and all podcast streaming platforms.


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Update: Be prepared for strong thunderstorms in Union and Snyder counties Sunday evening



Update: Be prepared for strong thunderstorms in Union and Snyder counties Sunday evening

An updated weather alert was issued by the National Weather Service on Sunday at 7:44 p.m. for strong thunderstorms until 8:15 p.m. for Union and Snyder counties.

Residents should prepare for wind gusts of up to 55 mph.

“At 7:43 p.m., Doppler radar tracked a strong thunderstorm near Snyder-Middleswarth State Park, moving east at 45 mph,” says the weather service. “Gusty winds could knock down tree limbs and blow around unsecured objects.”

Locations impacted by the alert include Selinsgrove, Shamokin Dam, Hummels Wharf, Middleburg, McClure, Kreamer, Port Trevorton, Penns Creek, Beaver Springs, Richfield, Mount Pleasant Mills, Kratzerville, Paxtonville, Troxelville, Weikert, Meiserville, Snyder-Middleswart State Park, Fremont, Beavertown and Freeburg.


The weather service states, “If outdoors, consider seeking shelter inside a building. This storm may intensify, so be certain to monitor local radio stations and available television stations for additional information and possible warnings from the National Weather Service. Persons in campgrounds should consider seeking sturdy shelter until this storm passes. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch remains in effect until 10 p.m. for central Pennsylvania.”

Shielding yourself from approaching lightning: Expert safety guidelines

Each year, lightning strikes the United States approximately 25 million times, with the majority of these electrifying events occurring during the summer months. Unfortunately, lightning is responsible for claiming the lives of approximately 20 people annually, as reported by the weather service. The threat of lightning becomes more pronounced as thunderstorms draw nearer, peaking when the storm is directly overhead and gradually waning as it moves away.

To ensure your safety during a thunderstorm, consider the following recommendations:

1. Lightning safety plan:

  • When venturing outdoors, it’s crucial to have a lightning safety plan in place.
  • Stay vigilant by monitoring the sky for ominous signs and listening for the telltale sound of thunder. If thunder is audible, it’s a clear indication of nearby lightning.
  • Seek a safe place to shelter, preferably indoors.

2. Indoors safety measures:

  • Once you’re indoors, avoid using corded phones, electrical devices, plumbing fixtures, and stay away from windows and doors.
  • Lightning can follow conductive pathways, and these precautions reduce the risk of electrical surges.

3. Wait for the all-clear:

  • After the last lightning strike or thunderclap, wait at least 30 minutes before resuming outdoor activities.
  • Lightning can strike even when a storm has seemingly passed, so exercise caution.

When indoor shelter isn’t available:

If you find yourself outdoors with no access to indoor shelter during a thunderstorm, take these steps to maximize your safety:

  • Avoid open fields, hilltops, or ridge crests, as they expose you to greater lightning risk.
  • Steer clear of tall, isolated trees and other prominent objects. In forested areas, stay close to lower stands of trees.
  • If you’re with a group, ensure individuals are spread out to prevent lightning current from transferring between people.
  • Camping in an open setting during a thunderstorm is strongly discouraged. If you have no alternative, set up camp in a valley, ravine, or other low-lying areas. It’s crucial to note that a tent provides no protection against lightning.
  • Do not approach water bodies, wet objects, or metal items. While water and metal don’t attract lightning, they conduct electricity effectively and can pose significant risks.

In summary, when facing the threat of lightning, preparedness and vigilance are your best allies. By following these guidelines, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of lightning-related incidents and prioritize your safety.

Navigating rainy roads: Safety tips for wet weather

When heavy rain pours, the risk of flooding and treacherous roads rises. Here’s your guide from the weather service to staying safe during downpours:

Beware of rapid water flow:

  • During heavy rain, avoid parking or walking near culverts or drainage ditches, where swift-moving water can pose a serious risk.

Maintain safe driving distances:

  • Adhere to the two-second rule for maintaining a safe following distance behind the vehicle in front of you. In heavy rain, allow an additional two seconds of distance to compensate for reduced traction and braking effectiveness.

Reduce speed and drive cautiously:

  • If it is raining and the roads are wet, slow down. Take your foot off the accelerator and let your speed drop gradually. Never use the brakes suddenly because this may cause the car to skid.

Choose your lane wisely:

  • Stick to the middle lanes on multi-lane roads to minimize the risk of hydroplaning, as water tends to accumulate in outer lanes.

Prioritize visibility

  • Turn on your headlights and be careful of other vehicles to the rear and in blind spot areas as they are especially difficult to see through rain-spattered windows.

Watch out for slippery roads:

  • The first half-hour of rain is when roads are slickest due to a mix of rain, grime, and oil. Exercise heightened caution during this period.

Keep a safe distance from large vehicles:

  • Don’t follow large trucks or buses too closely. The spray created by their large tires reduces your vision. Take care when passing them as well; if you must pass, do so quickly and safely.

Mind your windshield wipers:

  • Overloaded wiper blades can hinder visibility. If rain severely limits your sight, pull over and wait for conditions to improve. Seek refuge at rest areas or protected spots.
  • If the roadside is your only option, pull off as far as possible, preferably past the end of a guard rail, and wait until the storm passes. Keep your headlights on and turn on emergency flashers to alert other drivers of your position.

In the face of heavy rain, these precautions can make a significant difference in ensuring your safety on the road. Remember to stay informed about weather conditions and heed guidance from local authorities for a secure journey.

Advance Local Weather Alerts is a service provided by United Robots, which uses machine learning to compile the latest data from the National Weather Service.

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Donald Trump brutally ridiculed over Pennsylvania rally crowd size: ‘Old man can’t even…’



Donald Trump brutally ridiculed over Pennsylvania rally crowd size: ‘Old man can’t even…’

Former US President Donald Trump has been facing backlash after videos showing a large number of open seats and entire upper level sections completely empty during his rally at Temple University’s Liacouras Center went viral on social media.

Donald Trump walks offstage after speaking at a campaign rally at the Liacouras Center on June 22, 2024 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Getty Images via AFP)

Democratic Party activist Chris Jackson shared a video of Trump’s Philadelphia rally on X, showing the upper seating tiers of the arena appearing empty.

“Look at all those empty seats in Philadelphia. Old man can’t even fill a high school gym anymore. Sad,” he wrote.


Meanwhile, Peter Henlein posted the same clip as he captioned the video as: “Here is a video of Trump at his rally tonight in swing state PA at Temple University’s Liacouras Center, capacity 10,200. It’s half empty. Zero attendees in the upper bowl.”

Mocking Trump, he said, it is “odd for a guy that brags about pulling 100k ppl in NJ and 30k in the Bronx.”

One X user shared the video of the venue that was recorded before the rally started.

“They got the entire back of the arena covered up with flags. The capacity at the Philly Trump rally is 10,206 and they’re not getting anywhere near that.”

Trump faced similar criticism for a rally in the South Bronx, New York, in May. Following the event, the former president’s spokesperson stated that 25,000 people attended the rally, but several journalists independently refuted this claim.


Since assuming the Republican presidential nomination for 2024 in March, Trump has been trying to build support through his high-profile rallies across the country, ahead of his anticipated rematch with President Joe Biden in November. Pennsylvania is a pivotal swing state that voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016 and that Biden won in 2020.

Also Read: Rachel Morin murder: Donald Trump blasts Biden after illegal immigrant’s arrest

Donald Trump blasts ‘crooked’ Joe Biden

Trump spoke extensively about crime during his speech, stating that Philadelphia has suffered more than any other community under the Biden administration.

“Under Crooked Joe, the City of Brotherly Love is being ravaged by bloodshed and crime.”

Compared to the same period last year, there was a reduction of fifteen percent in violent crime between January and March, according to FBI data. This included fall 26.4 percent fall in homicides, 25.7 percent in rapes, and 12.5 percent in violent assaults.


The first of two planned debates between Trump and Biden is expected to take place in Atlanta on June 27 in advance of the November 5 elections.

On Saturday, Jake Traylor of NBC News reported that Trump informed reporters that he had chosen his running mate. Trump reportedly stated that he would “most likely” attend the debate on Thursday with his vice presidential pick.

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Pennsylvania State Police Reports: Suspect snorts cocaine at the station; Tased along I-476



Pennsylvania State Police Reports: Suspect snorts cocaine at the station; Tased along I-476

The latest new reports from the Pennsylvania State Police Media station:

June 20

Drugs: Troopers charged a 27-year-old New Castle woman with possession of drug paraphernalia after they observed a white powder under her nose and a wax glassine bag on her lap while she was waiting in the station headquarters on Baltimore Pike. She had been in custody but additional charges were added.

June 15

Fraud: A 53-year-old Springfield man walked into the Media station to report an unknown person used his TD Bank credit card to make purchases online.

June 14

Resisting: At 7:10 p.m. troopers stopped a black Mini-Cooper on Interstate 476 south in Marple for traffic violations. Once stopped, a passenger got out and ran. Troopers intersected him and the male got into a fighting stance and attempted to fight the trooper, who deployed a Taser. The male, Shane Rowe, 28, of Marcus Hook had a warrant for his arrest in the borough. He also provided a fake ID to Troopers and was arrested.


June 7

Theft: Troopers responded to Concord Crossing in Concord Township for identity theft. No leads, cased closed.

Vehicle theft: Troopers took the report of a 76-year-old Media man who said that his Kia Soul was stolen.

DUI: At 11:53 p.m. troopers stopped a 2017 Nissan Altima on Smithbridge Road west of Route 202 for vehicle code violations. The operator, a 35-year-old Wilmington man, was found to be under the influence.

June 6

Vehicle theft: A 2015 Lincoln was stolen from the driveway of a 91-year-old Edgmont resident on West Chester Pike. The keys were left in the vehicle.

Vehicle taken: Troopers charged a 39-year-old Aston man after a Ford F-250 from Northwinds Rentals in Glen Mills taken without permission by deceit.


DUI: At 7:42 p.m. A 2018 Kia exited the ramp from Interstate 95 to Stewart Avenue, crossed the road back down the on ramp and crashed into the guiderail on the Interstate. The driver, a 22-year-old from Secane, was found to be under the influence.

June 5

DUI: At 1:59 a.m., troopers stopped a 2014 Jeep in Interstate 95 south in Ridley. A 44-year-old Philadelphia man was found to be under the influence and arrested.

June 4

Harassment: Troopers responded to the Home Depot in Concord for the report of harassment. The subject, a 42-year-old Aston male, was not there but was later identified and issued a citation.

June 1

Extortion: Troopers responded to Maris Grove Medical Center in Concord for a 72-year-old man who was extorted by an unknown subject out of $500 in Bitcoin.

DUI: At 1:49 a.m., a 2010 Honda was stopped on Route 202 at Smithbridge Road for equipment violations. The 22-year-old female driver from Wilmington was found to be under the influence.


Theft: Troopers responded to Pop’s Pizza on Route 202 in Concord for a subject attempting to pass a counterfeit $100 bill to pay for food.

Harassment: Troopers investigated a 17-year-old Glen Mills student harassing a female student by email and in person during school.

May 31

Trespass: At 11:26 p.m. troopers responded to the former Sleighton Farm School for a disturbance. An 18-year-old male from Glenolden driving a 2013 Mercedes Benz was issued a citation.

May 29

Assault: At 2:13 p.m. troopers responded to Elwyn school for a 14-year-old male from Upper Darby striking a faculty member. The youth was arrested and subsequently turned over to his guardians.

May 9

Assault: At 9:53 a.m. Troopers responded to the 100 block of Fairmont Avenue in Concord Township for juvenile who struck an 8-year-old in the head.


April 30

Fleeing: At 1 p.m., troopers were contacted by Upper Providence police who were following a 2004 Ford Taurus for a series of thefts in Springfield. A traffic stop was attempted at Route 352 and Gradyville Road but the vehicle fled. The pursuit was terminated after the Ford crossed into the opposite direction at North State and West Rolling roads. The Ford was last seen on North State missing a rear bumper.

April 28

Retail theft: Just after 4 p.m. LensCrafters in the 500 block of Wilmington West Chester Pike reported the theft of 20 pairs of glasses valued at a total of $7,466.

DUI: At 10:28 p.m., troopers stopped a 2015 Mercury on Interstate 95 in Tinicum for straddling the dotted line. The driver, a 54-year-old male from Philadelphia, was found to under the influence and was arrested.

April 20

Theft: A 64-year-old man, a resident of the 1400 block of Pheasant Lane, Edgmont, walked into the station to report he had lost $4,000 after giving his credit card information to a subject online.

April 13

Pursuit: Troopers attempted to stop a vehicle committing multiple traffic violations on Interstate 95 north. The pursuit ended for safety reasons after the vehicle entered the Philadelphia International Airport.


DUI: At 3:21 a.m., troopers stopped a 2024 Toyota Crown for traffic violations on Interstate 95 south in Ridley Township. The operator a 30-year-old  Wilmington man was found to be under the influence and to be in possession of narcotics.

April 12

Harassment: At 4:13 p.m., troopers responded to the 100 block of Forge Road in Middletown for an active domestic between mother and daughter. The victim said she canceled her mother’s dinner reservation plans after the mother threw car keys at her, hitting her in the face. The 56-year-old mother admitted to the throwing the keys after the plans were canceled. She was charged with harassment.

April 10

Retail theft: Wegman’s in Concord reported $844 in crab meat had been stolen by a male wearing a black jacket, pants and hat.

April 5

Theft: Videon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram on West Chester Pike reported the theft of $2,800 in auto parts.

March 26

Theft: An 88-year-old resident of Hayburn Road in Chadds Ford Township reported that someone attempted to by a iPhone for $629 using his credit card information. The funds were recovered by the bank.


Protection from abuse: Just before 6 p.m., troopers responded to Bishops Drive in Chester Heights for the report of PFA violation. The boyfriend, a 26-year-old male from Egg Harbor, N.J., was attempting to use a Instagram business account to contact her.

March 25

Weapon found: A civilian turned in a weapon at the station. They found a Sig Sauer handgun fully loaded on a parking lot of a business on Evergreen Drive in Concord.

Retail theft: Wawa in Granite Run reported at 4:38 p.m. that a male took assorted snacks and fled in a silver Honda CRV.

Retail theft: At 2:46 p.m., troopers responded to the Acme in Granite Run for the theft of $500 in mostly nonedible groceries and a $75 bag of dog food.

March 14

Pursuit: Just after 10 p.m., troopers attempted to stop a Chrysler 300 on Baltimore Pike near Concord Road for traffic violations. The pursuit continued north but was called off due to safety concerns. The Chrysler later hit a guide rail at the Media Bypass and became disabled. The occupants, a 22-year-old Philadelphia man and a 25-year-old Darby man, ran but were later apprehended by police.


March 8

Retail theft: At 3:42 p.m., troopers responded to Lens Crafters on Route 202 in Concord for a theft of 22 frames valued at $8,800, taken by two women who fled in a Hyundai Kona.

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