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Have $2.3 million for a house? See what you can get on the South Shore



Have $2.3 million for a house? See what you can get on the South Shore

Every week, The Patriot Ledger posts a week of South Shore, Massachusetts, real estate sales. Aren’t you curious what your new neighbor paid?

Every week, we post all the South Shore real estate sales in an easy to read town-by-town list. Be a nosy neighbor. Be smart about your biggest investment. Or just enjoy perusing. (Did you miss last week’s? Click here.) 

We can also show you the Top 10 home sales of 2023 here. There is a big deal happening near Gillette − the Red Wing Diner sale is nearing closing. What we know so far.

The real estate market is still red hot. We have your guide to the South Shore, Massachusetts sales, provided by The Warren Group. And, click on the links below to see inside the homes. We have the scoop on what sold and for how much. Every week, we post these transactions for you and give you the five most expensive sales on the South Shore.


Top 5 home sales for the South Shore, Massachusetts, for Feb. 20-23, 2024

1. Jordan Way − Hingham

$2,265,000, 4 Jordan Way, Hingham, Canterbury St LLC to Milosh Cvetkovic and Summer Evans, Feb. 21, 2024, single family home.

Beautiful craftsmanship: Nearly a 2 acre lot and all five bedrooms each have their own private bathrooms.

2. Schooner Way − Norwell

$2,263,080, 11 Schooner Way, Norwell, Stetson Rd LLC to Michael and Angela Ventrice, Feb. 29, 2024, single family home.

Brand new build: Plenty of room and more bonus space to grow


3. Whites Hill Drive − Braintree

$1,625,000, 125 Whites Hill Drive, Braintree, Whites Hill LLC to 125 Whites Hill T and Vanessa Thompson, Feb. 3, 2024, single family.

Comes with in-law suite: And a 2,000 square foot walkout basement, too

4. Wolcott Woods − Milton

$1,575,000, 43 Wolcott Woods, Lane Unit 43, Milton, Wolcott Residential LLC to Marguerite Mauldin Feb. 21, 2024, condo.

More: See 19 photos of this home that is set on a 47 acre estate

5. Studley Road − Hingham

$1,300,000, 7 Studley Road, Hingham, Valerie M. Codyre to Paul Hadiman, Feb. 20, 2024, single family.


South Shore, Massachusetts, real estate sales for Feb. 20-23, 2024


919 Hampton Way Unit 919, Nikesh and Shweta Rathore to Christopher Delano, $448,800, Feb. 21, condo.

206 Central St., Julian and Alicia Pollard to Ainsley and Michael Kelliher, $636,000, Feb. 23, single family.


125 Whites Hill Drive, Whites Hill Limited Liability Co. to 125 Whites Hill T. and Vanessa Thompson, $1,625,000, Feb. 23, single family.

611 Pond St., Claudia L. Lambert and Dana L. Plant to Stfa Pond Street Limited Liability Co., $400,000, Feb. 22.

105 Brookside Road, Lorene A. Okeefe RET and Michelle Dibona to Junxian Guan and Jilan Liu, $582,000, Feb. 22, single family.



47 Norfolk St., Neil and Chelsea Mcinnes to Dongli Yu, $444,444, Feb. 23, single family.

360 Neponset St. Unit 703, Lisa Moore to Austin Sady, $270,000, Feb. 23, condo.

232 Messinger St., Maureen T. Gawron and Gary S. Copp to Lester and Tracy Parmar, $715,000, Feb. 22, single family.


126 S. Meadow Road, 126 S. Meadow Rd RET and David A. Gonsalves to 316 Highland Ave Limited Liability Co., $390,000, Feb. 23, single family.

2 Murdock St., Patricia A. Auld to Christopher A. and Theresa M. Vigneau, $390,000, Feb. 20, single family.



Black Horse Lane, KD Custom Builders Limited Liability Co. to Maryann E. Murphy RET and Maryann E. Murphy, $100,000, Feb. 20.

18 Pleasant St., James and Erika Mchugh to Drew and Alexandra Calabro, $912,500, Feb. 23, single family.


40 Old Summit St., Waterman Richard C. Est and Russell Waterman to Maroneeey Bldg & Construc, $200,000, Feb. 23.


36 River Road, Mark A. and Kathryn D. Leahy to 36 River Rd Realty Trust and Joshua Grossman, $690,000, Feb. 23, single family.


571 Indian Head St., Lsf9 Master Part T. and Us Bank TNa Tr to Christopher Jones and Kathry Wenzlow, $569,900, Feb. 22, single family.



33 Smith Road, Emily A. Obrien (nominal trust) and Lawrence J. Hanlon to 33 Elite Limited Liability Co., $690,000, Feb. 22, single family.

4 Jordan Way, Canterbury St Limited Liability Co. to Milosh Cvetkovic and Summer Evans, $2,650,000, Feb. 21.

142 Hobart St., Dedian Virginia M. Est and Teressa A. Routhier to Lori and Christopher Coleman, $711,625, Feb. 21, single family.

37 Downing St., Paul Hardiman to Valerie M. Codyre, $1,250,000, Feb. 20, single family.

10 Shipyard Drive Unit 404, Scott D. and Maxine S. Siegler to Judith Ann Maguire RET and Judith A. Maguire, $699,000, Feb. 21, condo.


7 Studley Road, Valerie M. Codyre to Paul Hadiman, $1,300,000, Feb. 20, single family.

13 Beals Cove Road Unit J., Esquire Real Estate Limited Liability Co. to Tamara Neyra, $385,000, Feb. 23, condo.


25 Tarkiln Road, Sec Of Hsng & Urban Dev to Reach Inc., $580,000, Feb. 23, single family.


566 Holly Road, Joseph Conforto to Rosalind and Shane Dacruz, $500,000, Feb. 23.

9 Clipper Circle Unit 9, Nancy B. Grim T. and Nancy B. Grim to Joanne M. Hajjar 2019 T. and Joanne M. Hajjar, $675,000, Feb. 20, condo.


10 Penstock Lane, Dana R. Abbott to Alfa Dev Strategles Limited Liability Co., $400,000, Feb. 23, single family.


43 Wolcott Woods Lane Unit 43, Wolcott Residential Limited Liability Co. to Marguerite Mauldin, $1,575,000, Feb. 21.

137 Church St., Suntrust Bank to Samantha Chapple, $700,000, Feb. 21, single family.

1 Cunningham Lane, Michael J. and Linda M. Corcoran to Colin and Mari Egan, $1,300,000, Feb. 22, single family.

21-A School St., Melissa L. and Bau A. Raj to Georges and Michelle Louis-Jeune, $660,000, Feb. 23, single family.



11 Schooner Way, Stetson Rd Limited Liability Co. to Michael and Angela Ventrice, $2,263,080, Feb. 20.

141 Old Oaken Bucket Road, Charles E. and Patricia A. Frawley to Maldeeban Rajadurai and Dhivyakala Maldeeban, $680,000, Feb. 23, single family.

48 John Neil Drive, Joseph M. Rull to Cara and David Gilmartin, $820,000, Feb. 20, single family.


162 Wampatuck St., Kyle Palmstrom to Wayne Leighton, $358,000, Feb. 21, single family.


2502 State Road, Edmond A. Tessier to John J. and Meghan V. Hardy, $539,500, Feb. 20, single family.


134 Court St. Unit 21, 134 Court Limited Liability Co. to Park Family Trust and Donald E. Park Jr., $704,000, Feb. 21, condo.

34 Clearwater Drive, Rice Dorothy A. Est and Mark E. Rice to Thomas and Sarah Gonet, $430,000, Feb. 20, single family.

17 Cobblestone, Christine M. Shea to Sarah Hagan and Gianna Gifford, $910,000, Feb. 20, single family.

6 Kensington, Bruce C. and Maria M. Fletcher to George W. Shepard and Kathy S. Garrell, $825,000, Feb. 23, single family.

19 Chapel Hill Drive Unit 9, Mark S. and Stamie J. Mcnally to Kaitlin M. Ketchman, $277,000, Feb. 22, condo.


52 Liberty St. Unit I5, Anthony Fantaroni to Diane T. and William P. Hurley, $382,500, Feb. 22, condo.

28 Talcott Pnes, Os Golf Homes Limited Liability Co. to 28 Talcott Pines Realty Trust and Michael Mcdonough, $395,000, Feb. 22.

72 Hyannis Road, David A. Staples to Shirley L. Kelley, $131,600, Feb. 22, single family.

45 Oak St., Jeremy R. and Hannah J. Hunt to Benjamin and Molly Roache, $515,000, Feb. 23, single family.

27 River Farm Road, Kxzy Plymouth T. and Kun Xu to John M. Heger and Patricia M. Pierre, $880,000, Feb. 22, single family.


101 Cherry St. Unit B6, Kasey C. Bouchard to Jason W. Velez, $250,500, Feb. 21, condo.

24 Spinnaker Drive, Igniazio Z. Salamone and Kerry Hardy to Heath M. Cox, $500,000, Feb. 20, single family.

3 Water Lily Drive, Louise E. and Carol A. Fitzsimmons to John Ryan and Magen M. School, $780,000, Feb. 23, single family.

4 Burnside St., J. A. Munzer and Marianne Demarco to Nicholas Liquori and Shaina Gootzit, $675,000, Feb. 21, single family.

77 Forest Ave. Ext Unit A., Jeanne K. Flight to Trevor J. Lee and Jacln Flint, $479,000, Feb. 20, condo.


6 Oar And Line Road, Nalpak Realty Trust and Fredric J. Meltzer to David Costa and Susan D. Romaine, $600,000, Feb. 23, single family.

18 Rooks Run, All Points Const Limited Liability Co. to Ross and Rebecca E. Novak, $595,000, Feb. 23, single family.

36 Carolyn Drive, Centura Bay Limited Liability Co. to Sharon Decastro, $480,000, Feb. 21, single family.

‘A lot of theatrics’: Quincy Asian restaurant aims for Instagram-worthy food and drinks


3 Minihans Lane, John R. Mullen and Janice M. Robinson to Pejr Limited Liability Co., $46,560, Feb. 20, single family.


25 Village Drive Unit 25, Christopher Cimerol to Duo Huang, $660,000, Feb. 23, condo.

330 W. Squantum St., Swee N. and Mwee H. Chow to Soham Sadhu and Sonali B. Mandal, $880,000, Feb. 22, single family.

29 Trescott St., Mc Bergeron Family Trust and Maxime Y. Bergeron to Yan Zhou and Jiantong Su, $575,500, Feb. 23, single family.

185 Quincy Shore Drive Unit 38, Maureen A. Sullivan to Yanhong Chen, $328,000, Feb. 20, condo.

115 W. Squantum St. Unit 1210, Patricia M. Shea RET and Patricia M. Shea to Zhaoyu Xie and Lin Yuan, $340,000, Feb. 20, condo.


677 Quincy Shore Drive Unit 211, David Weng to Weihan Ruan and Sally Cheng, $325,000, Feb. 22, condo.

3 Minihans Lane, Mullen Jr. Cornelius J. Est and Theresa Doucette to Pejr Limited Liability Co., $168,300, Feb. 20, single family.

3 Minihans Lane, Kristen A. Fostello and Kathleen Mccarthy to Pejr Limited Liability Co., $168,300, Feb. 20, single family.

3 Minihans Lane, Mullen Betty J. Est and Patricia M. Mckee to Pejr Limited Liability Co., $36,015, Feb. 20, single family.

3 Minihans Lane, Mullen James F. Est and Patricia M. Mckee to Pejr Limited Liability Co., $46,560, Feb. 20, single family.


3 Minihans Lane, Mullen Edward Est and Beverly Salate to Pejr Limited Liability Co., $46,560, Feb. 20, single family.

3 Minihans Lane, Mullen Kathleen E. Est and Patricia M. Mckee to Pejr Limited Liability Co., $28,985, Feb. 20, single family.

3 Minihans Lane, Flaherty Anna T. Est and Ann T. Welch to Pejr Limited Liability Co., $233,720, Feb. 20, single family.


1003 N. Main St. Unit 1, Paul F. Carr (irrevocable trust) and Christina C. Zaveri to Vincent Lampley, $257,500, Feb. 23, condo.

292 Grove St., Mark E. Jourdain and Philip-Marcus Goldstein to Tatiana Borgos and Arlindo Goncalves 3rd, $513,000, Feb. 23, single family.


115 Mill St., Lally David F. Est and James E. Lally to Kevin Wadsworth, $340,000, Feb. 23, single family.

6 Fencourt Ave., Wayne B. Leighton to Jorge G. Rustrian, $525,000, Feb. 21, single family.

7 Fern Ave., Cay V. and Dennis V. Nguyen to Huyen T. Tran, $540,000, Feb. 21, single family.

More: King of events, Lombardo’s, has officially been sold. What is happening there now?


398-400 Plain St., Ramona T. Downing to Ans Costruction Limited Liability Co., $155,000, Feb. 23.


57 Albion St., Wilma J. and James M. Dudley to Thomas W. Burkhardt and Deborah J. Little, $390,000, Feb. 21, single family.


29 Kane Drive, Clark Nancy Est and D. S. Thompson to John R. Piersiak Jr., $580,000, Feb. 20, single family.

9 Over Rock Road, William Conboy and Kimberly J. Brooks to Michael and Sarah Decker, $915,000, Feb. 21, single family.

2 Collier Road, D&l Spooner Family Trust and Dana J. Spooner to Twocollier Limited Liability Co., $855,000, Feb. 23, single family.


52 Pleasant St., Maurizio Fraone to Justine E. Black and Andrew G. Degatano, $1,139,500, Feb. 21, single family.


269 S. Walpole St., Joseph F. and Gina M. Mazzotta to Samantha S. Watson and Geoffrey E. Conklin, $262,500, Feb. 21.


38 Nickerson Drive, Eric Sherman to Malvina Pashako and Agim Prifti, $615,000, Feb. 20, single family.

34 Pleasant Drive Unit 30, Drew Family Trust and Robert A. Drew to Nezar Lila, $200,000, Feb. 21, condo.

32 Trowbridge Circle, Hannah Wisdom to Stephen and Molly Sellner, $660,000, Feb. 21, single family.

180 Pleasant St., Sousa Lidio N. Est and Robert D. Dimler to Michael Scherer and Elizabeth Silveria, $525,000, Feb. 23.


480 Sumner St., Hennessey Family Trust and Brian J. Hennessey to Huy Q. and Phuong T. Nguyen, $885,000, Feb. 23, single family.


77 Southern Ave., Lisa M. Doyle and Michael T. Holbrook to Cameron R. Gallagher, $550,000, Feb. 23, single family.

1662 Main St., Main Street Realty Trust and Daniel Jancaterino to Weymouth TLLC, $850,000, Feb. 21.

33 Harding Ave., James P. and Michael J. Maguire to Brandon Welch and Cara M. Gomes, $490,000, Feb. 22, single family.

12 Foye Ave., Brian W. Diramio to Constitution Prop Limited Liability Co., $357,900, Feb. 22, single family.


213 Lake St. Unit 57, Kurt A. Schulte and Ann M. Murray to Ashwani Kumar, $345,000, Feb. 21, condo.

79 Fountain Lane Unit 16, Margaret E. Hale to Sara Elder, $251,000, Feb. 21, condo.

46 Union St. Unit 11, Edge RE Investments Limited Liability Co. to Malika M. Weekes, $470,000, Feb. 22, condo.

137 Sandtrap Circle Unit 137, Carol A. Dinapoli to Francis J. and Kathleen R. Mcintosh, $1,199,600, Feb. 23, condo.


1207 Auburn St., 1207 Auburn St Realty Trust and David M. Kelliher to Heap Family Trust and Robert D. Heap, $562,500, Feb. 22.


18 Erin St., Brenda L. Gaskill and Wendy E. Chirokas to 6 Swan Limited Liability Co., $190,000, Feb. 22, single family.

Copyrighted material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Reprinted with permission of publisher, The Warren Group, 

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RI Man Charged After Chase Ends At Newton MBTA Station



RI Man Charged After Chase Ends At Newton MBTA Station

NEWTON, MA — A Rhode Island man accused of leading police on a multi-state, high-speed chase on Friday was eventually cornered by Newton police officers at the Riverside MBTA station and is now facing several charges, including those stemming from driving his car at police officers.

Newton Police Chief John Carmichael praised the officers involved in the pursuit and eventual arrest of the man “during a tense and unpredictable situation.”

According to Carmichael, Newton police responded early Friday night to a report of an unconscious man inside a red Mercedes at the train station, while being informed that a car matching the description had been involved in a police chase from Rhode Island into Massachusetts.

Find out what’s happening in Newtonwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Police said the high-speed chase was terminated because of the excessive speeds when the diver got off the highway in Norwood. As Newton officer approached the car at the Riverside station, Carmichael said the suspect was able to escape arrest but that police were able to contain him in the lot “potentially creating a hazardous situation on our roadways.”


“Their strategy and quick decisions helped preserve public safety and prevent any injuries to our officers and other motorists,” Carmichael said.

Find out what’s happening in Newtonwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

He said Officer Kayla Donahue and Capt. Dennis Dowling followed the suspect behind several buildings and around the perimeter of the area before the man got out of the car and fled on foot to the MBTA tracks.

“Officer Donahue and Captain Dowling engaged the suspect in a foot pursuit and following a brief chase, they were able to get the suspect cornered between a fence along the Woodland Apartments and MBTA tracks,” Carmichael said. “Officer Donahue did an exceptional job issuing verbal commands to the suspect who repeatedly put his hands in his pockets as if to reach for a weapon.

“Officer Donahue and Captain Dowling exhibited incredible restraint and discipline in a very tense, unfolding situation. … All officers on scene and Officer Donahue did not hesitate to confront a dangerous suspect and take him into custody.”

Police said Emanuel Salmeron, 22, of Providence, RI was charged with failure to stop for a police officer, motor vehicle operation negligence, and two counts of assault by means of a dangerous weapon — which Carmichael said stemmed from driving his car at officers — and resisting arrest.


“I am appreciative of our officers’ bravery, as well as the patience and tactics exhibited by all officers involved in (Friday night’s) incident,” Carmichael said. “This was an exemplary display of teamwork and professionalism.

“This situation ended in the best-case scenario and I extol all of our officers and dispatchers for a job well done”

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We’ve removed the ability to reply as we work to make improvements. Learn more here

To request removal of your name from an arrest report, submit these required items to

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A toll for driving into Mass.? NH gov says not so fast



A toll for driving into Mass.? NH gov says not so fast

An idea floated by the secretary for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation about adding tolls at the state’s borders has some people telling Monica Tibbits-Nutt she needs to pump the brakes.

The MassDOT secretary was giving a keynote speech at a WalkMassachusetts gathering on April 10 when she talked about the need to get “aggressive” to have enough money for safe transportation in the Bay State. She shared with the advocacy group audience that a funding task force has been created that is different than all the others.

“This one is actually different because we aren’t censoring this,” she said. “I’m going to talk about tolling, I’m going to talk about charging TNCs more, I’m going to be talking about potentially charging more for package deliveries, charging more for payroll taxes, basically going after everyone who has money.”

“And when I’m talking tolling, I’m talking at the borders. I’m not talking like within Massachusetts,” she continued. “But we are going after all the people who should be giving us money to make our transportation better and our communities better…”


Her comments don’t appear to be sitting well across the border with New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu.

“Looks like Massachusetts has found yet another way to unnecessarily take your money,” the Republican governor said in a statement. “All the more reason for more Massachusetts residents to make the permanent move to New Hampshire. The Live Free or Die state continues to be the place to be.”

NBC10 Boston also reached out to Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee for a statement but has not heard back yet.

Back home in Massachusetts, Tibbits-Nutt’s ideas were also not embraced by people like state auditor Diana DiZoglio.

“Merrimack Valley kid here. Putting a toll at the NH border would have DEVASTATING impacts on our region, not just economically speaking, but also regarding the unmanageable congestion & infrastructural burden it would create on every local backroad,” DiZoglio wrote on social media. “Creating a border war is not the answer and it’s definitely families within Massachusetts who would ultimately be hurt by this move — border communities count. I strongly urge the administration to reject this approach.”


The nonprofit Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance condemned Tibbits-Nutt for her “unsettling” and “insensitive” comments, calling them “simply reprehensible.”

“She describes her targets that will affect ordinary people, like people who commute from border states, people who get packages delivered, people who take Uber and Lyft rides, and even people who pay payroll taxes. Decisions to raise taxes, fees, or adding tolling should be made by our elected legislature, not announced by an overzealous, unelected bureaucrat before a special interest advocacy organization,” Paul Diego Craney, a spokesperson for MassFiscal, said in a statement posted online. “It’s frightening to think an official so high up in the Healey administration is bragging to a special interest advocacy group about the economic pain she wants to inflict on the very people who she’s supposed to work for. Remarks like this have no place in state government. Secretary Tibbits should be dismissed from her position in state government, as she’s clearly demonstrated she does not have the best interests of all the residents of Massachusetts at heart.”

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Weather week: A ‘very seasonable’ Earth Day, possible rain midweek



Weather week: A ‘very seasonable’ Earth Day, possible rain midweek

The Massachusetts region is setting to mostly dry out and hit a late frost advisory before settling into seasonably warm highs heading into Earth Day, the National Weather Service forecasted.

“It’s going to be very seasonable, very normal for late April,” said Rob Megnia, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Boston office. “It will be dry for most of the week, with the exception of Wednesday. We are expecting some likely widespread showers, but not an impressive precipitation event.”

In Boston, the highs for the week will range in the upper 50s and low 60s through Wednesday, NWS forecasts, before dropping a little to low 50s on Thursday.

Much of Southeast Massachusetts, Cape Cod and Rhode Island, areas that don’t typically get frost this late in the year, will fall under a frost advisory Sunday night into Monday, Megnia said. The frost advisory will remain for the region until 7 a.m. Monday as temperatures dip as low as 34 degrees through the night, potentially harming “sensitive outdoor vegetation,” the NWS advisory notes.


“We haven’t started issuing those for interior Northwestern Mass yet because it’s still common to get frost at this point in the year,” Megnia said.

Earth Day is set to be a mostly sunny beautiful day, with a high of 62 degrees — perfect for people looking to get outside and find activities to enjoy the environmental holiday.

Temperatures are down a bit from the “well above normal” highs early last week — reaching 70 degrees on the Boston Marathon race day — and continuing a trend closer to climatological averages, Megnia said.

After the bout of weekend rain, skies look set to remain mostly clear and sunny for the first half of the week.

Wednesday looks to be the exception, predicted to be a “wet, rainy day for most of southern New England including Boston” in the middle of a mostly dry week, Megnia said.


“Then Wednesday night as that system producing the rain exits, we may have a brief period of some gusty northwest winds maybe up to 30 miles per hour,” Megnia said. “But that’ll be followed by rapid clearing and sunny dry weather heading into the weekend.”


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