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Amir Khan Workout Routine: What Exercise Routine And Diet Plans Does Aamir Khan Follow?



Amir Khan Workout Routine: What Exercise Routine And Diet Plans Does Aamir Khan Follow?
Amir Khan Workout Routine: What Exercise Routine And Diet Plans Does Aamir Khan Follow?

Aamir Khan’s rigorous and dedicated fitness journey reflects his commitment towards an overall healthy lifestyle. A combination of cardiovascular exercises, strength training, functional fitness, yoga, and meditation defines his well-rounded fitness routine.

Written by Ankit Kumar |Updated : March 17, 2024 8:01 AM IST

The outstanding Bollywood star, Aamir Khan, is as committed to maintaining his stellar physique as he is to honing his acting skills. Aamir’s fitness regimen is at the heart of these awe-inspiring physical transformations, designed for each character he portrays. Let’s peek into Aamir Khan’s discipline-driven workout, making him the epitome of fitness.

Aamir sees fitness as an all-encompassing experience, blending physical exercises, a well-balanced diet, and a serene mind. His fervour towards fitness manifests through his stimulating workout routine that encourages his fans to embark on a healthier lifestyle.

Aamir Khan’s Workout Plan: Building Muscle and Shedding Fat

In an interview with Zee’s ETC Aamir said he followed a rigorous workout routine with a stable calorie intake of 1500 per day. Other activities like cycling, trekking, tennis, and weight loss training played a crucial role in his transformation, a feat normally achieved in 14.


Aamir Khan Workout Routine Overview

His workout routine starts with a warm-up to avoid any injury. A comprehensive warm-up followed by a circuit of core workouts Aamir Khan targets 6 muscle groups with additional abs workouts. Aamir also emphasised the importance of motivation and how he managed to protect himself from demotivation.

Aamir Khan’s Daily Workout Schedule

He dedicated his six days to rigorous workouts reserving Sunday for recovery and rest.

Monday- Chest

  • Bench press
  • Incline dumbbell press
  • Decline Bench/ dumbbell press
  • Dumbbell pullover
  • Dumbbell Fly

Tuesday- Shoulders

  • Shoulder Press
  • Military Press
  • Front Shoulder Press
  • Bent over lateral raise
  • Seated Dumbbell press
  • Upright Down

Wednesday- Back

  • Seated Cable Row
  • T-bar row
  • Lat Pulldown Front
  • Fronted Chin-up
  • One- arm Dumbbell row
  • Deadlift

Thursday- Biceps

  • Barbell Curls
  • Dumbbell Curls
  • Preacher Curls
  • Concentration Curls
  • Wrist Curl
  • Reverse Curl

Friday- Triceps

  • Short-Grip triceps Press
  • Rope pull down
  • Cable lying triceps extension
  • Dumbbell Kickbacks
  • Dips Behind the back

Saturday- Legs

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Leg Press
  • Leg Curl
  • Leg Extension
  • Seated toe raise for Calves

Abs Workout

  • Decline Crunches
  • Planks
  • Seated knee up
  • Dumbbell side bends
  • Hanging leg raise
  • Decline crunches

Aamir Khan’s Weight Loss Preventions And Measures

However, for an effective fat loss, Aamir Khan followed a crucial balanced diet guided by an expert nutritionist and trained workout guide. It’s essential to consult a doctor first if you are willing to incorporate the Aamir Khan workout routine. Each body and dietary requirement strength is different especially if you are going through some health condition like heart problems or high blood sugar. Therefore, a thorough health examination is prescribed to know the requirements and hidden problems of your body.


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Explained: What is fitness gaming and how you can use your phone to stay fit – Times of India



Explained: What is fitness gaming and how you can use your phone to stay fit – Times of India
Fitness gaming is a combination of physical exercise and video gaming. This new mobile gaming genre is gaining traction among smartphone users as a new way to stay active. The digital transformation of fitness into a gamified experience brings together the exciting qualities of gaming with the physical benefits of exercise to stay healthy. Here we will explore what fitness gaming is, how it works on smartphones and its potential benefits.

What are fitness gaming apps

Fitness gaming apps, also known as Active Video Games (AVG) are also a form of exercise.Unlike traditional video games that are played sitting down, fitness games require physical movement from the player to control or interact with the game. This can range from simple movements like swiping and tapping to more vigorous activities like walking, jumping, or mimicking specific physical exercises. The popularisation of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) has also driven the growth of these apps.
Popular fitness gaming apps include Pokemon Go, which is an AR game that encourages walking and exploring outdoors by catching Pokémon characters in real-world locations. Meanwhile, other apps like Zombies, Run is an immersive running fitness game where players run to survive and collect supplies to help their community thrive in a post-zombie apocalypse world.

How do fitness games work on smartphones

Fitness games use smartphone’s built-in sensors and connectivity to offer an exciting workout routine Smartphones are equipped with various sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, and GPS, which can track movement and location. These sensors enable fitness gaming which also includes monitoring physical activity. For example, counting steps, detecting movement speed and even analysing the user’s posture.
Some fitness gaming apps use AR to superimpose gaming elements onto the real world through the smartphone’s camera. This can make running through your neighbourhood park feel like a quest through a virtual world, where players can collect items or dodge virtual obstacles.


Many fitness gaming apps incorporate social elements where users can connect with friends, join teams, or compete against others in fitness challenges. This social connectivity not only drives competition but also creates a community of users who motivate each other.
Fitness gaming apps often offer personalised workout plans and real-time feedback based on your performance. This can help users stay motivated and improve their fitness levels effectively.

Importance of fitness gaming for smartphone users

With fitness gaming apps, smartphone users can turn exercise into a fun and engaging activity. Fitness gaming can encourage users who might be less interested in traditional forms of exercise to get moving.
Smartphone users can participate in fitness gaming anytime and anywhere. These games will integrate exercise into their daily routine without needing gym equipment or special attire.
The gaming aspect helps maintain engagement. Challenges, levels, rewards, and the possibility to break personal records keep players returning for more, just as they would with any other game.
Fitness games can be tailored to any fitness level and can be used by people of various ages Like any form of exercise, fitness gaming can also help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

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National Exercise Day 2024: Check Date, Theme, History, Significance, and Best Exercises



National Exercise Day 2024: Check Date, Theme, History, Significance, and Best Exercises

In a world where sedentary lifestyles are becoming increasingly prevalent, National Exercise Day serves as a crucial reminder of the importance of physical activity in maintaining overall health and well-being. This annual observance, celebrated on the second Saturday of April each year, encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to prioritise regular exercise as a fundamental aspect of a healthy lifestyle. As we commemorate National Exercise Day in 2024, let’s delve into its history, significance, and explore some of the best exercises to incorporate into your routine.

Date and Theme of National Exercise Day 2024

National Exercise Day falls on the second Saturday of April every year. In 2024, this auspicious day will be observed on April 13th. Each year, the theme of National Exercise Day revolves around promoting physical activity, inspiring individuals to adopt active lifestyles, and raising awareness about the numerous benefits of exercise.

History of National Exercise Day 2024

The origins of National Exercise Day can be traced back to a growing recognition of the adverse effects of sedentary behaviour on public health. In response to rising rates of obesity, heart disease, and other lifestyle-related illnesses, health advocates and organizations across the globe began promoting the importance of regular physical activity. National Exercise Day emerged as a means to galvanise individuals and communities to embrace fitness as a cornerstone of preventive healthcare.

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Significance of National Exercise Day

Regular exercise offers a myriad of benefits for both physical and mental well-being. From reducing the risk of chronic diseases to enhancing mood and cognitive function, the positive effects of exercise are well-documented. National Exercise Day serves as a catalyst for individuals to kickstart or recommit to their fitness journey, regardless of their age, fitness level, or socioeconomic background. By encouraging widespread participation in physical activity, this observance aims to foster a culture of health and vitality within society.

Best Exercises

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a novice looking to incorporate more movement into your daily routine, there’s an exercise regimen suited to your needs and preferences. Here are some of the best exercises to consider on National Exercise Day and beyond:

Date Theme History Significance and Best Exercises to try on National Exercise Day

1. Cardiovascular Exercises

Engage in activities that elevate your heart rate and improve cardiovascular health, such as brisk walking, running, cycling, swimming, or dancing.

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2. Strength Training

Incorporate resistance exercises to build muscle strength and endurance. This can include bodyweight exercises like push-ups, squats, lunges, or using free weights and resistance bands.


3. Flexibility and Mobility

Dedicate time to stretching exercises to improve flexibility and range of motion. Yoga, Pilates, and tai chi are excellent options for enhancing flexibility while promoting relaxation and stress relief.

4. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Maximise your workout efficiency with HIIT, which alternates between short bursts of intense activity and brief rest periods. This approach can boost calorie burn, improve metabolic health, and enhance cardiovascular fitness.

5. Functional Movements

Focus on exercises that mimic everyday activities and promote functional strength and stability. Examples include squats, lunges, planks, and kettlebell swings.

On National Exercise Day 2024, take the first step towards a healthier, more active lifestyle. Whether you choose to go for a jog, attend a fitness class, or simply take a brisk walk around your neighbourhood, every movement counts towards improving your health and vitality. Let’s celebrate the power of exercise to transform lives and communities, one step at a time.


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